Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Canadian Health Care is NOT single payer

there seems to be an inconvenient truth that exposes a lie in the gazillion comments being made to further health care reform

it seems there is a thriving private insurance industry in Canada


"While the health-care system in Canada ensures that virtually everyone living here has access to medical services in any part of the country, it doesn't cover everything. That's where private, or extended, health insurance comes in – it is meant to pick up where your government plan ends. Private health insurance is not the same as emergency health – or travel medical – insurance that you may consider purchasing when you travel outside Canada. Rather, it covers the day-to-day surgeries and treatments that can add up to big bills."

and from

"Directory of Health and Dental Insurance Providers

A certain amount of health and dental expense will be incurred every year by individuals and families. However, health and dental emergencies can prove quite expensive and personal or family health and/or dental insurance can be a big help in reducing the impact of unexpected costs.

For this reason many people not covered by an employer or group plan will consider their own health and dental insurance."

and, last but not least:

"Directory of Online Health Quotes Providers

When you decide to buy health insurance, the sales organization - broker, agent, company - must be licensed to do so in your province. Providers will make product information, coverages, pricing and applications available in numerous ways -- in local offices, through the mail, via telephone and/or on the web over the Internet."