Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A WTF moment and interview on Troopergate

so - here is a WTF moment

- read the parts I found for you - and tell me you wouldn't be fired for what Monegan did and did not do

In the referenced interview he admits to behaving in a way that he was derelict in his duties, incompetent in his duties and either too stupid to have the job or willfully insubordinate.

- Palin's hubby gets upset - she is on the record as asking him to back off
you know you would not back of either if the misses asked you to

the cop was suspended and has many issues, not just with the Palin family - he is listed as a disgrace to the Alaskan troopers by more than on source.

The VP is screwed - no matter what she does, ANYONE can claim it influenced her decision

it's a "Chaz, when did you stop beating your wife" issue - Chaz - once accused, can never prove he did not

"...In an unusual twist, she filed the ethics complaint against herself before the board, saying she hoped to "clear the air" by an inquiry through proper channels. She asked the board to decide if she broke ethics laws or acted improperly in dismissing Monegan or in dealing with Wooten -- basically the same ground Branchflower covered."

(Excuse me - sidebar comment - we should note that Obama never initiated an investigation on himself with his relations to buddy Bill, the terrorist)

"I'm gratified that the report confirmed what I said all along, that I had the authority to terminate Walt Monegan as public safety commissioner.

"I absolutely disagree that I violated state ethics law. In repeatedly complaining about trooper Mike Wooten, Todd and I were not pursuing a personal vendetta. We were trying to protect the integrity of the Alaska State Troopers from having an arrogant, almost-out-of-control law-breaker in their ranks. Because the action we were seeking was in the public interest, not purely our personal interest, there is no ethics law violation."

Enough from her - on the record - the Commissioner was deliberately insubordinate - if they put so much pressure on him to fire the cop, the same cop who in his own report drank while on duty, in a squad car, used excessive force, hunted illegally...

- why would he ask the governor sign off on a poster featuring that cop?

And if there was so much pressure
- how come he didn't even know what the cop looked like?

Since it's his job to protect the Governor, and she reported this cop as a threat
- why did he not know what the threat looked like?

read this interview, and tell me he's fit to be a Police Commissioner and keep a straight face

"Commissioner Monegan committed a major blunder on May 15, 2008.

On that day, He submitted to her office a poster-boy photograph of a disreputable Alaskan Trooper for the Governor to sign and present at the Police Memorial Day honoring the Troopers. The Governro declined to sign the poster and refused to attend the Police Memorial Day.

Here is the excerpt from page 39 of the report.

He did what?

You have to be kidding me, right?

Let me read that one again, slowly!

The Commissioner dropped off a color poster photograph of Trooper Wooten. A trooper he claims that he was being pressured to fire. A trooper he claims he was pressured to fire since the first day of his job. A job he felt he was going to lose if he did not fire this trooper.

A trooper who the Commissioner knew the Governor Palin and her husband believed to be an extremely poor representation of an Alaska State Trooper.

A trooper who the Commissioner knew had been repeatedly disciplined for a multitude of serious infractions. Infractions such as:

“the taking of a moose illegally, tasering an 11-year-old stepson of Wooten’s, drinking while driving in the patrol car, having a beer while he was driving his patrol car.” Monegan to Branchflower page 18

And this trooper, is the one he selects to honor on the Police Memorial Day?

I don’t believe the Commissioner was that stupid.

I don’t believe that the Commissioner was that incompetent.

I can only conclude that the Commissioner was deliberately insubordinate. That he was deliberately seeking to antagonize and worry the Governor of the State of Alaska."

This is the troopergate?

Where is the investigation on Obinladen and bombing Bill?

And the great one's funding of ACORN - should that not also be looked at?

or doesn't a Presidential candidate get vetted for the people?

Am I the only one who sees the hypocrisy?

Our tax dollars at work

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