Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It is now time for Atlas to Shrug...

It is now time for Atlas to Shrug...

As it appears that Obama has won this election, following Fox News calling both Ohio and PA for him, I think it is now time for the businessmen and women who run this country to make it quite clear what the consequences are to those people who sold out their freedom for empty promises.

Soon, Small Business owners, your taxes are now going to be raised. You now will face the difficult choice of either cutting your costs by laying people off, or by passing the increased costs of taxation on to your customers. This time I want you to take the time to tell that laid off employee exactly why he has lost his job. Tell him that the Obama tax increase has forced you to take his salary and give it to "the middle class". If he protests that he is part of the middle class, then explain that he should make good use of the $500 he sold his vote for, because it cost him his job.

For the manufacturers: When you move your production facilities overseas because the US has the second highest corporate income taxes in the world, and one more state increase is just too much, make sure your workers understand that their Union is mostly to blame, and they should go talk to them about why it was a good idea to vote for the guy who would make all union votes public.

For your customers: Explain that the price of your product has gone up because of your taxes being increased, and because the rising price of oil because of keeping the caribou happy has forced you to charge them more. Tell them you tried inflating your tires, but unfortunately it did not put any more gasoline in your tanks.

Consumers: When you go shopping, and are considering buying a high ticket item, when you change your mind, make sure that they know that if you had only kept that extra 3% of your salary.... the "chump change", you could have bought their item.

In short: It is time for us all to become John Galt.

Make them understand that capitalism requires capital, and unfortunately Obama gave the capital you needed to somebody who was more deserving than them.

Ask them how it feels to be "rich".

Tell them that you are sure they will be OK, because Obama told them it would be so.

Ask them how they are enjoying their "Change", and if they have any more "Hope" for the future.

And every time someone complains, remind them that this is what they voted for, so shut up and swallow the bitter pill.

As my mother told me -
be careful what you wish for
you may just get it.

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