Sunday, November 2, 2008

The press and the election

Many are not going to like the question I raise

many are not even going to want to read this, or think for themselves

because many of us BLINDLY "trust" the news to give us clear and real information

many of us count on the news to give us facts, which we accept,

and will use to decide our vote with in a few days

but here is a big issue to ponder

Let's start with the totals I was working with:

People murdered in California in 5 years: 12, 047

with a population of under 36,000,000

163,696 sq mi

non-military, domestic state, with gun laws

People murdered in Texas in 5 years: 7,000

with a population of under 24,000,000

268,820 sq mi

non-military, domestic state, with right to carry laws

Combat deaths in Iraq for just over 5 years: 3,389

with an Iraq population of over 29,200,000

169,234 sq mi

active combat zone

Last time I looked - California and Iraq are about the same geographical size

Although I don't want to see anyone killed
- I came across one big problem with the news reporting for the last 5 years.

look at those numbers, and then ask yourself these questions

Why is the murder of over 2,250 people / year, in one state in America, which is NOT a war zone, being ignored by the news media?

There are over 6 people per day being murdered in one state, in peaceful USA

3 x more people are being killed in one state of this Union, than soldiers in a war zone

Anyone want to explain why murders at home not make the same news as a soldier in Iraq?

what if the "facts" we are getting are slanted and biased?

what if there is an agenda?

perhaps - it's more popular to bash a policy and to report on what is happening elsewhere than it is to be honest and report what is here under our nose

Now for the big question

If the news media is slanting the news in this manner, and not reporting this to We, the People

What else is the news media hiding, or being less than open and fair about?

To me, that there is a bias and agenda are blatantly clear

the bias is even being reported as making the news

so much for fair and complete news reporting

by the way - more people are also murdered in IL and AZ combined
with a population of just over 19,000,000
than US soldiers in Iraq during the war
these are states that would be lost inside the Iraq boarders

in case anyone would like to argue the numbers - here is the link for crimes - 1960 to 2007 for California

the newspapers report the soldiers deaths daily, so I won't bother

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