Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I want the United States Government to be my source for health care.

I want the United States Government to be my source for health care.

It will provide great care, and all of the services I could ever need, in a timely manner.

The Federal government has demonstrated it’s ability, with a proven record of accomplishment, it’s resume is worthy of consideration for management of any position, and that is demonstrated by:
The war on poverty
The war on illiteracy
The war on drugs
The war on crime
The war on pollution
Eliminating violence
Eliminating discrimination
Eliminating racism
Eliminating sexual harassment
Providing good quality health care for those over 65

Providing above average health care for the American Indian

Providing good quality health care for all who served in the military
The quality of life for those living on government programs is superb
Our seniors living on social security want for nothing
The health care for our former government workers is the best they can find, and they had to contribute nothing towards it
CHIP has made sure all children have health care
Those in prison are well cared for
They do their time with no risk
The Social Security trust fund is solvent
The Medicare trust fund is solvent
The IRS is efficient and collects properly from everyone who owes
There is no financial mismanagement
There is no corruption
The controls the government places on private financial institutions are correct and just
Special interests cannot influence the government
All laws and practices are fair and equal to all
Our government officials always serve the people
Our government officials always put the citizen’s needs first
Our government is the most efficient and productive entity that exists
Our government agencies are a pleasure to do business with
The services the government provides are timely and above average
The immigration process is the best in the world
The safety and security of its people is above any other country’s
The government’s process are transparent and above reproach
The laws apply to all equally
The members of government live under the same laws and benefits they choose for us
The justice system never makes a mistake
The executive branch makes no unjust laws
The financial branch manages monies well
The government can account for every dollar it spends

After reviewing this list, I am sure you can see why the United States Government, by the people and for the people, is the best qualified to decide what and how to provide health care for you and I

Now – to be fair – please reply and list the programs and services that I missed that are worthy of consideration.

Would you retain the services of any company that failed so often, and so magnificently?
If so - why not hire me - because I could exceed your expectations by showing up for work half the time and failing only half the time

People - hope and dreams and wishes do not make it a workable idea

Those other countries have systems that do work better than ours, they have much smaller governments

and the bureaucrats have to live in the system they create

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