Thursday, June 18, 2009

Why does a medicine cost so much?

most people are clue less

the American governments regulations on health care providers, pharmacies, health care facilities and ancillary services is so counter productive, that cost containment is impossible

Here is an easy way to prove it to yourself
try to get a common antibiotic like penicillin
add in the cost of the doctor's visit, and the trip to the pharmacy
those simple common meds become a 60.00 investment, if YOU PAY CASH

big pharma and lobbies had nothing to do with it


we let it become so cumbersome in the U.S.

we allowed GOVERNMENT to CONTROL everything

all that record keeping, CYA documentation, meeting of regulations took a 4.00 prescription to a 60.00 total cost

and if you need a "controlled substance" medication - the cost doubles

You want to know why it costs so much

go look in a mirror

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