Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"The Laws of War Have Served Us Well"

The United States is operating on a catch and release system with terrorists and criminals.

We are about to conduct the largest release of admitted terrorists who already plead guilty, without ever verifying that they are indeed guilty, and acting accordingly.

This is not as simple an issue as the media would present, and we are being treated as simpletons by the media in their presentation of the issues to us.

Those that are celebrating a Cuban detention camp closing need to watch the INTERNATIONAL news and dig a little deeper - several who were already released from the US camp in Cuba have rejoined the active terrorist cells they originally belonged to, and are committing worse atrocities to others than they did before, or our detention did to them.

For an education on more on that aspect, try the Wall Street Journal from
1/24/2009 - Opinion: "The Laws of War Have Served Us Well"
This article can also be accessed if you copy and paste the entire address below into your web browser.

We already do a catch and release. It's one of the biggest jokes on ourselves.
Osama Bin Laden was caught and let go under a past administration.
We lost the towers on 9/11 due in part to that folly.

Now we are doing catch and release on the detainees we had in Cuba.

No wonder so many around the globe hate Americans.

We catch them,
We let them go,
they go kill more people in the name of whatever cause is the moment,
We then go to capture them again,
and destroy towns and cities while trying to capture them again.

We decide we can't get our hands dirty,
so we give them to other countries to torture for us,
then we decide the other countries are too inhumane,
so we do it ourselves,
then we decide we are against holding them, or torture, or any other war related action,
and we turn them loose.

If you think any of this is made up - feel free to contact me - I have articles that show this process is how the US conducts it's business abroad.

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