Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Data base to reduce healthcare costs how will it work

So how is this data base supposed to work - when everyone and their brother can get information?

maybe this article will help explain it, from a fellow blogger

UCI students victims of health insurer leak – United Healthcare

After several students had issued filing tax returns, the investigation is now pointed towards United HealthCare. After not being able to file tax returns and finding out someone else had used their information to file fake returns, the criminal investigation continued. So far, all the victims were covered by United Health Care after running a series of data queries to find what they all had in common.
As it appears now, the campus systems did not have a leak, and the jury is still out until finalized. It makes you wonder how safe is all your personal data and information and what are the full efforts that can be taken. When it comes to personal health records, I don’t think I am willing to trust an insurer at this time and would prefer either a Microsoft or Google account, or perhaps even a usb stick to carry with me.

IRVINE – A computer security breach at a health insurance company was responsible for an identity theft at UC Irvine that affected 1,132 students, and led to fake tax returns filed for at least 155 of them, officials said Thursday.
A criminal investigation is still underway in the case, which came from a leak at Minnesota-based UnitedHealthcare, the insurance provider for UCI graduate students.

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