Friday, February 6, 2009

The first (less than) 20 days

We have the first non-white president.

He campaigned on change - so how are we doing?

I would say change is in the air - lots of change - but it's not what the public thought they would get when they voted for him.

Too bad this soon, less than 20 days after this great moment, his presidency is getting blasted, and much of the media is turning on his program.

We are already dealing with his own party betraying his campaign mission with personal pork; a plan that does almost nothing until 2011; and a bigger debt load than this country has ever seen, with social programs that will force, as many annalists are saying, a depression to rival the Great Depression.
- a predicted outcome, and with much regret conservatives are restraining from saying "I told you so." But. Public polls for his stimulus program resemble falling rocks.
The change we got was more pork, and less effective legislation.

The people responsible for vetting potential cabinet members have failed him in recommending cabinet choices, and he's got at least 10 cabinet picks that will not pass ethics standards, before they are even fully reviewed.
The change we got was more corrupt people being proposed for cabinet offices.

He has met with the military leaders, and now knows we went into the war because if we did not, Israel would have nuked the country and 10,000,000 would have died (yes, I got that from someone deep inside)and he has had to back pedal on the withdrawal promise. He has proposed adding many more troops to Afghanistan, which the Russians already tried, and the Brits tried before them, and both failed. I spoke yesterday to a former ranking 30 year officer from Pakistan, who knows the area almost as well as he knows his hand. We are fighting against people who need no supplies, live off the land, have held a rifle since age 10, consider it an honor to kill another (American Indians anyone?) and we expect to maintain a supply line for 5,000 miles and beat them?
The change we are getting is greater troop deployment, and greater expense, with greater lives lost.

Soon he will be dealing with the fallout of having detainees released, and them creating more terror; yes they were released during the Bush administration, and yes the terror is being committed now and then; but no one will care about that. It will have the effect of throwing the closing of the detention camp into question.
The change we will get will be from a prevention to a post act terrorism world. We will wait until something happens, investigate who did it, try to decide who is responsible, go RE-capture them, put on a trial, and let the liberal lawyers argue that it was the trauma of American actions that made him/her do it. Yes - this is a prediction, but did Clinton not have Osama and let him go?!! Remember the first World Trade Center bombing?!! Then everyone will point fingers at everyone else for letting them go. And if I were a victim of a subsequent attack - I'd be 1st in line to sue the asshole responsible for letting the terrorist go.

So - we got change - and all those who voted for the man just because you wanted change - we have not yet had 20 days - how do you like it so far?

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